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Roma’s Catering offers full-service catering & event planning for your wedding, party, bbq, breakfast, lunch, business or corporate event. Choose your menu from among Mexican, Italian, Chinese, French, and many more international cuisines. We use organic and locally-grown ingredients by request and when in season. Vegetarian, gluten-free, and other special-diet options are available. You may also be interested in our cooking classes, personal chef service, or popular take-out service, Roma’s To-Go. We serve Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Louisville, Broomfield, Firestone, and other nearby communities in Colorado.

World Cooking Prepared Fresh for You Locally near Boulder, CO

“You name the country, we’ll make the food!”

Dear Lover of Delicious Food,

Roma Melrose of Roma's Catering

Roma Melrose of Roma's Catering

My name is Roma Melrose, and I’m the owner and head chef at Roma’s Catering. I want to personally thank you for visiting my website and let you know what you can expect when you choose Roma’s Catering for your event.

My recipe for creating delightful events is very simple:

  1. World Cooking that lets you choose from a variety of international menus, all authentically and expertly prepared using the best and freshest ingredients.
  2. A highly professional level of service and attention to detail that lets you relax and enjoy yourself, because you can trust our integrity and many years of experience.
  3. Love.

It’s that simple!

You see, for me cooking is not just a nice way to make a living. It’s not something I do just casually in a “good enough” way. No way! I put my heart and soul into our services. I consider my cooking a divine gift—and I’m passionate about sharing it with the world in the best possible way.

You could say I have a need to feed. I love serving healthy, delicious food that pleases and delights. In fact, inspired cooking has been a part of me since I was a little girl.

My Childhood Indian Roots

I’m originally from India Kolkata. My late father had been a bank officer all his life and when I was a child our family traveled all over India. My mother learned and practiced many different styles of Indian cooking and she gave me my first chance to cook in Delhi India at the age of 5.

I remember her standing by me, as I was up on a stool since I couldn’t reach the counter. She was telling me to put in this spice and that spice and to run and fetch water and hold her hands while she stirred the pot. To this day I feel her hands still holding mine. That was the first inspiration I had to become a chef.

When everybody was home that night, they said that was the best meal they ever had. They were proud of me and I was proud of myself. I have loved food, parties, and celebrating with people ever since. Whenever I get a chance to help my family and friends with food I enjoy making their special occasions memorable. I am always learning, experimenting, and planning for the next event.

Learning a Lesson from Mother Theresa

Sometime in the 60’s when I was at high school at Loreto Convent in Kolkata, my friends and I took some clothes and shoes to Mother Theresa’s Institution, not very far from where we lived.

Mother asked me, “Have you cleaned the shoes?” I said, “No.” Mother said, “Whenever you give something to somebody, make sure it is very clean.”

I learned a lesson. This attention to love, cleanliness and detail I put into all of my food.

Bringing World Cooking to Colorado

In 1988 I moved to Boulder, CO and in 2001 we began our family catering business.

We originally called our business “Royal Bengal Kitchen” but changed it recently to “Roma’s Catering” because we found that people were mistakenly thinking that we only serve Indian food! In fact, my specialty is World Cooking, which includes cuisines from many different cultures.

I love to travel and learn about food from all over the world, and our menus keep growing. Our list of menus includes Mexican, Italian, Indian, Chinese, French, German, Russian—and more. That’s why our motto is: “You name the country, we’ll make the food!”

But even though our cuisine is internationally inspired, we also have a very local and sustainable focus. I love using organic, locally-grown food and in the summertime you’ll often see me at the Farmer’s Market trying to find the freshest, most delicious ingredients for my dishes.

Whenever I get time, I like to also teach cooking from different countries. I have taught at the Cooking School of the Rockies, The Cooking School of Aspen, The Seasoned Chef, What’s Cooking, and Naropa University.

Some Flattering Praise

John Lehndorff, the award-winning Colorado restaurant critic; Food, Dining, Music and Travel Writer; and editor and author of Denver Dines, wrote this about me:

“Roma is a spice magician and a culinary healer who creates amazingly complex fare with layer upon layer of flavor. Whether cooking at home, for catering or at her restaurant, her food always makes my taste buds dance. She cooks the real stuff and throws her soul into the process.”

But don’t just believe John. Try it for yourself. I would absolutely love to share my cooking with you and your family, friends, and guests.

Please choose from the following links to learn more about our services:

Also, you can click to read more testimonials and see our list of awards.

And if you’re ready to start planning your event, feel free to call anytime. Our number is (720) 340-4099. You can also send us an email and we’ll get back to you right away.

Roma Melrose

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