Roma’s To Go

Are you tired of Fast Food and cooking dinner after a hard days work? Now there is a new solution — Roma’s To Go! Let Roma prepare you dinner. Just call 720-340-4099.

Hot and Frozen Foods ready for Pick Up or we can Deliver. We can supply Organic Food, Vegan, Vegetarian, Non Dairy, Gluten Free, Salt Free, Fat free, Kosher, Halal, food for any Religious or Health Requirement.

Roma’s to go is very similar to our Personal Chef service. The difference is that food is prepared and pre-packaged to go either ready to serve or frozen. We can deliver the food or you can pick it up. We have a more limited menus that apply to Roma’s To Go. Some foods are always ready and frozen for pick up. If you need something different or you want to order from Roma’s encyclopedic menu pre-arrangements have to be made. The cost of these items needs to be pre-paid and there is a minimum order. This service that our Chef Roma offers is very convenient. You can enjoy a home made lunch before you go to work or pick up an exotic dinner on the way home. We will set up your lunch parties, corporate parties, Holiday parties, you name it. Food will always be top quality and you will definitely order again and again.

Our Rotating Menu of Frozen Meals includes

Burritos, Tamales, Spaghetti with or without Meatballs, Lasagna, Chicken Cacciatore with noodles, Vegetable Samosas, Indian puff pastry filled with Vegetables with a side of chutney, Curry Chicken, Curry Lamb with Rice and Vegetables, Dal, roasted Chicken with Vegetables.

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