Personal Chef

Royal Bengal Kitchen offers all the benefits of the Personal Chef service with none of the inconveniences. A Personal Chef provides meal planning and preparation for individuals or families on a regular basis. Meals can be prepared according to our client’s culinary preferences or dietary requirements. We can prepare your meals in our licensed commercial kitchen and deliver to your door or to your refrigerator and freezer. We are also willing to come into your home and prepare the meals in front of you and your guests in your kitchen if you want us to.

The advantage of having a personal chef is to have meals cooked to your specifications available when you need them. We do the shopping, cook the meals, package the meals with heating instructions, refrigerating or freezing them and cleaning up afterwards. We can cook either once a week or every other week. We will sit down with you and help you do a meal plan.

It is wonderful coming home from a hard day’s work and having meals ready for you and your family. For the whole week you may have dinners ready to warm up and eat. Weekends if you wish, you can still cook your own meals.

Your Personal Chef Roma Melrose can make any type of food you want from a simple Tuna Casserole to Beef Bourguignonne. I am very passionate about food and I want to make a difference in your lives. By having me as your personal chef you can spend more time with your family.

Are you tired of Restaurant and Take Out food, we would love to cook warm home made meals for you to enjoy. We do not have to invade the privacy of your kitchen. We do not have to use any of your equipment. There will be no messes left. We will prepare the food at our commercial kitchen and bring it to you. We will use our own equipment, pots and pans, everything. We will package the food for you and freeze it for the week. Dinners or lunches have to be planned before so there is not any last minute changes and stress. We can duplicate anybody’s food. If you give me the instructions or recipe, I will prepare your Grandma’s dishes or any cherished family recipes to enjoy without the trouble of cooking it yourself. You can choose our menus that we have on our web site or give us your own suggestions. Again, “You name the country and we do the food”.

Some of our clients may have health restrictions, medical considerations, they may be on a special diet or have certain food allergies. That is why you need Roma as your Personal Chef with all my knowledge of spices, flavors, presentation and you diet might not be so boring and bland after all. You tell me the ingredients and I will make your food. I can really make a change in your life, remember, “I have a need to feed”. Please do not hesitate to call 720-340-4099 or go on our website to choose your menus.

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