Customer Testimonials

“After the event was over I reflected on its success from the standpoint of a host. I realized that there are many other factors—besides great food—that make an event a hit. You knew about them. I did not. And you excelled in all. From the first conversations with you, to the day of the actual event, to the final clean up, you were professional. You delivered on time and courteously. The display and spread of fresh food was itself a feast for the eyes. There were no shortages, your serving staff was helpful, pleasant, energetic, and above all, attentive. But I think the compliments that count most are those I overheard from guests. Two stood out repeatedly: “delicious” and “tasty”. It was a pleasure to work with you and I was especially impressed by your knowledge of recipes from around the world. Without a doubt, your cooking IS tasty, Roma. And your repertoire of healthy dishes was, for me, an added plus. I have already referred your services to others. Thank You.” G.G.

“I get to taste a lot of Roma’s fabulous dishes. Her ability to blend spices is superior. Everything I have ever tasted from her kitchen has been fabulous. I buy various dishes from her on a regular basis. I don’t think you can go wrong with her catering abilities. I have not used her for any large events, as I have not had a need to date, but certainly would if the occasion arose. She has done several large parties that I am aware of, because I get to sample many of the dishes being served. I highly recommend her catering skills, and another important factor is that she is easy to work with, and very dedicated to each event that she is involved in.” – Sheri Valentiner

“I stumbled upon [Roma’s Catering] on the internet one day as I was looking for a caterer for my May 2010 wedding. So, my then-fiance and I went to meet with Roma Melrose to discuss food for the wedding and to have a tasting. I grew up in Germany and so wanted to have German cuisine represented at my wedding. Though Roma is from India, she had a vast knowledge and handle of German food. That is one of the most amazing aspects of Roma’s cooking: she can cook ANYTHING, from German to Indian to Italian to Mexican to Irish. And it all tastes authentic, fresh, and home-made. Upon meeting Roma, I knew right away that she wasn’t your typical, run of the mill caterer in Northern Colorado. If you’re looking for fancy bells and whistles from your caterer, Roma is not your caterer. But if you’re looking for delicious and expertly crafted dishes, I would recommend Roma’s business without hesitation. We had been to a few other tastings and were learning that while the service and presentation were excellent with many caterers, many didn’t have food with soul and their prices were exorbitant! We were working with a very strict wedding budget and were able to get about 3 times as much food through [Roma’s Catering] than with other caterers. On the day of the wedding, I was very happy with the taste and the quality of the food and received many compliments. In retrospect, I can honestly say I’m happy I went through [Roma’s Catering] and worked with Roma Melrose to cater our wedding. If you’re looking for delicious, organic, fresh, and soulful food for any event, I would certainly look to [Roma’s Catering] for catering services.” – Ben

“The Real Thing! I’ve recently had a few opportunities to enjoy Roma’s cooking. The taste speaks for itself – a lifetime of refining the art of cooking international dishes. She creates her own spice blends and can accommodate the wishes of her guests without sacrificing authentic flavors and dishes. Very, very yummy!” – Susan

“Great Food and Great Service! I used Roma’s catering service for a group of twenty and the Indian meal she cooked was a hit! She worked with me to ensure we had the right menu and offered reasonable prices. The food was delicious and fresh – spices tailored per request. Can’t wait for my next party!” – Rita

“Great Food I had Roma cater a meal for myself and my roommates and it was excellent! I strongly recommend her green chili as well as her lasagna!”

“I love salsa on just about everything. I will eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The key is fresh ingredients – it has to be homemade. I was quite content on eating the standard version of salsa until I met Roma, who makes a variety of the most fabulous salsas you have ever eaten. If you enjoy good Mexican food, you need to order burritos and tamales with fresh salsa from Roma. You too will be hooked.” – Sheri V.

“Roma catered a back yard event for us in Morrison, Colorado, and all our guest raved about the Glazed Ham and Dim Sum, which were awesome along with all of the exotic sides. We would recommend Rome’s international cuisine to anyone. It was a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!! Make sure you try the Chai.” – Duane

“Roma catered a wonderful meal for my yoga students. She prepared an excellent organic menu, including vegetarian dishes along with other dishes. I heard many of the guests saying that it was the best — fresh ingredients and beautifully presented.”

“WOW! I had Roma’s Springs Rolls, and her Fish Sauce was the Best I’ve ever tasted. I would also highly recommend her “Samosas.” If your ever need to take a dish to a party, call Roma, have her make your dish to take, and you will be the HIT of the Party!” – Mimi

“Best Indian Food and Cooking Class I took an Indian cooking class with Roma and loved it. Roma is an expert and her Indian food is the best I have ever had. I highly recommend it!”

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