Indian Cuisine is said to be more than five thousand years old. Over the years this food has found a comfortable place in people’s hearts all over the world. Any of these following dishes can be made Mild, Medium Hot or Jumping Hot. Every State, Country and village in India cook different food. Spices also varies from chef to chef. We could list only a few of our Indian dishes. We do make a lot more.

About fifteen to twenty different Salads with Greens, Fruits and Vegetables. We have many Lentil and Vegetarian dishes that come with the meal.

From our Tandoor or Indian Clay Oven: This style of cooking originated in the North West Frontier Province in India and was spread all over by the division of Punjab and by the Caravans travelling through the Khyber Pass from Samarkhand. The food is cooked extremely hot and fast so that all the flavors are sealed and hardly any oil is used. Originally burning charcoal was placed inside an earthenware pot buried in the ground. In this way a little fuel could go a long way and cook a full meal. This creation of necessity was refined into one of the most famous cuisine of the world, Tandoori. The Tandoor is like an old turtle with a history on it’s back. All tandoori dishes come with Roma’s special Tandoori Sauce.

Tandoori Chicken
Tandoori Lamb
Tandoori Fish
Tandoori Vegetables
Tandoori Fruit
Chicken Tikka Masala
Murgh Makhani
Butter Chicken cooked in a creamy yellow gravy
this curry is made with Yogurt Sauce
Chicken Saag
Chicken in a creamy Spinach Gravy
Chicken Do Piyaza
stir fry with lots of Onions
Chicken Rezela
in a White Sauce, this one from KolKata inspired by the Moghul rule
Captain’s Chicken Curry
Chicken cooked with Dried Fruit
Chicken Vindaloo
Chicken cooked in a Portuguese inspired South Indian Hot Sauce
Dum Murgh or Chicken Steamed
Chicken with Vegetables in a Tomato based Sauce
Chicken in Cumin and Coriander
Lemon Chicken
Chicken in a Lemon based Sauce
Beef in a Curry Sauce
Beef with Vegetables
Lamb Korma
in a yogurt based Curry
Lamb Roghan Josh Kashmir Style
Lamb Rezela
in White Sauce
Lamb Saag
Lamb pieces cooked in a creamy Spinach Gravy
Banjara Gosht Lamb Gypsy Style
Lamb Vindaloo
Lamb Meatball Curry
Lamb Boti Makhani
Tandoori Grilled pieces of Lamb in a Creamy Sauce
Kabargah from Kashmir
Lamb Ribs fried, then cooked in a very tasty thick Red Sauce
Mangshow Jhol from Kolkata
my birthplace, Goat or Lamb in a gravy with Potatoes

The following fish dishes depend on the availability and the catch of the day

Mustard Fish
Lemon Fish
Coriander Fish
Cumin Fish
Fish Kaliya
Yogurt based Fish in gravy from Kolkata
Fish Ganga Jamuna from Kolkata, named after the two sacred rivers
Fish in the middle with White Gravy on top and Red Gravy on the bottom
Samundar Ki Moti, Pearls from the Sea
a Seafood Medley Curry with Lobster, Crab, Shrimp, Squid, Oysters, Clams and Mussels
Coconut Shrimp
Prawns in a Green Onion and Tomato gravy
Saag Paneer
Spinach in a silky soft gravy cooked with Cheese cubes
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