Appetizers are very important in every meal. Snacking, before, during and after meals is a national pastime of many countries.  Appetizers are generally served with various hot and sweet tongue tingling sauces, chutneys or condiments. Some people believe appetizers make you more hungry. They tease you towards the food. Some believe it fills you up so they go straight for the entrees.

Cheese Platter
A variety of American and Imported cheeses served with Olives, Peppers, Pickled Vegetables, Crackers, Cold Meats and Crisp Breads
Our Burgundy Beef
Cubes of French Style Beef cooked in a Red Wine Sauce, served on Crackers or Rye Bread topped with Italian Mascarpone Cheese
Japanese Style Rice Balls
Grilled and wrapped in Seaweed served with a Dipping Sauce
Scallops wrapped in Bacon
Scallops wrapped in Bacon and baked
Dates with Pecans
inside, wrapped in Bacon and baked
Italian Style Cheeses
Variety of Italian Style Cheeses battered and fried served with a Marinara Sauce
Asian Pot Stickers
vegetarian served with Oriental Sauce
Asian Pot Stickers
Shrimp served with Oriental Sauce
Baked Brie
topped with dried Fruit and Nuts served on Crackers and Crisp Breads
Roast Beef Roulades
served with a Horseradish Dipping Sauce
Indian Tandoori Chicken
marinated and baked in our Tandoori Oven, served with a Mango Sauce
Indian Lentil Dumplings
served with a Mustard Dipping Sauce
Indian Pakoras
Vegetable or Meat Dumplings served with Tamarind Chutney
Chicken Breast Cutlets
pieces of marinated, breaded and fried Chicken served with a Mint Sauce
Shrimp Balls
served with a Sweet and Sour Sauce
Shrimp Cocktail
served with Cocktail Sauce
Mexican Style Shrimp Cocktail
served in Cocktail Glasses with Roma’s award winning Tomato Based Sauce
Seafood Ceviche
from the Mexican Beaches: Lobster, Crab, Shrimp and other Fish mixed with Vegetables and Fruit, Spiced and served in Cocktail Glasses, Bowls or Cups
Indian Vegetarian Samosas or Triangular Pastries
with Vegetable or meat filling served with our award winning chutneys Tamarind, Fruit or Cilantro Mint.
Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls
with Shrimp and Vegetables served with a Spicy Sauce
Chinese Egg Rolls
Vegetarian, Pork  or Shrimp served with Oriental Hot Mustard or Sweet Chili Sauce
Murtabak from Singapore
Spiced Ground Meat wrapped in pastry dough, baked and served with a Chili Sauce
Pork Cubes
wrapped in Green Chile on Pico De Gallo served on Tostadas
Half Tamales Vegetarian
Chicken or Pork served on Red or Green Chili Cups
Beef or Chicken Satay
marinated, skewered, grilled and served with Peanut Sauce
Chicken or Pork Crispy Corn Flour Taquitos
served with Green Chili Sauce
Mini Burritos
Vegetarian or with Meat served with Red Chili Sauce
Vegetarian or with Meat served with a Roasted Chili Sauce
Idlis, or South Indian Steamed Rice Dumplings
served with a Lentil out of the world Sauce
Dosas or South Indian Lentil Crepes
rolled and filled with spicy Potato filling served with a Lentil Cilantro Sauce
Smoked Salmon
with Sea Weed and capers served on Crackers
Belgian endive boats
filled with Crab Mayonnaise, topped with Cheese and Capers
Pita Bread
served with Hummus
Huge Salsa Platter
from our Chef Roma, the Salsa Queen of Boulder County! At least five different salsas out of her prize winning top notch recipes including her late Mom’s and her Late Great Great Grandmother’s will be served with different kinds of Chips to dip with on a single table decorated with Chilies and other things.
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