Jal Khabaar – Indian Breakfast Foods

January 28th, 2010

Breakfast food in India is different from lunch or dinner. Breakfast dishes vary from state to state, and all families cook different. Some families cook the British standard breakfast, cereal, milk, fruit, eggs and toast with butter and jam. The usual creamy curries, nut and tomato based heavy sauces are not found. Vegetables mostly and meats are cooked with some seasonings. Indian Flatbreads, like plain Rotis or Chapatis are made quite often. There is also deep Fried Breads called Puris and griddle fried ones called Parathas. These can be filled or plain. They are eaten with a boiled light Daal or Lentil Soup seasoned with a little cumin, or a very simple mixed vegetable dish. Sometimes there is some plain yogurt over some rice and a little chutney or pickle as a relish. Methi Aloo or Fenugreek and Potato is one of the most healthy and popular curries to go with breakfast. You can get a bunch of fenugreek leaves at an Indian grocery store or grow some from fenugreek seeds in your garden. This is a delightful herb which is good for every part of your anatomy. It is a little bitter like Arugula but is excellent cooked with potatoes or vegetables and rolled up in a Chapati. Here is a nice Vegan Vegetarian Gluten free recipe: Read the rest of this entry »