Royal Bengal Kitchen Judged First in Chili

February 28th, 2010

On February 27th Caterer Roma Melrose was Awarded First Place by the Judges in the the  Chili in Niwot competition. She was also awarded second place in the Peoples Choice competition. “Chili is fun! They warm you on a cold night, cool you on a warm night, and there is nothing better than Chili with a warm tortilla.” Said the winner Roma Melrose.

Salsa Roja (Salsa Red)

February 15th, 2010

“Salsa” has much more character to it than being just a spicy chili, tomato, onion, garlic or herb based sauce. The process of creating salsa started in Mexico. “Salsas” are the introduction to any meal in Mexico. Today in almost all Mexican restaurants you are honored with a refreshing bowl of salsa and tortilla chips while you are speculating about your order.

The word “Salsa” is Spanish and means any sauce, cooked or uncooked with fruits, vegetables, herbs and seasonings. Salsa can be served as an appetizer with chips, it can be spread over main dishes like burritos, enchiladas, rellenos or tacos and it can also be spread over some Spanish or plain rice. In addition to this salsas can go with all different types of food. They can be spread over broiled meats, seafood, eggs or pasta dishes. Salsas are very refreshing, colorful and appetite enhancing. Read the rest of this entry »

“… And the rocket’s red glare the bombs bursting in air …”

January 25th, 2010

Part of providing catering services is knowing how to do food presentation.  Having done catering all around the Boulder and surrounding areas, people sometimes ask when it was that I first started honing my food presentation skills.  This is how I recall my first experience in food presentation.

Since I was five years old, I have had two fascinations, one was food and the other was leaving India and going to live in the United States.

Back in 1961 when I was twelve years old, I was attending school at Loreto Convent, Sealdah Kolkata. Mother Superior Kevin, a Nun from Italy was coming to visit our school and our class the sixth grade was preparing to sing a song for her and serve her some food. It was decided that one student who had a soprano voice would do the main singing and then the others would join her in the chorus. The soprano would also decorate and serve the food plate to the special guest. Read the rest of this entry »

Roma’s Story

January 12th, 2010

It all began with stories. My dad when he was a teenager he wandered around for interesting adventures a lot. There used to be some place at the foothills of the Himalayas where a religious man used to live. The people in the village called him a Saint and many nights they used to bring food for him. The Holy man kept what he needed and gave the rest away to the less unfortunate. My dad visited him at least twice a year. Once my dad told me he saw the Saint mix some dried fish in a bowl with oil, chilies and some spices. He put the mixture inside a hollow bamboo and held it over an open fire. He used a thinner piece of bamboo to shake and mix the fish as it was cooking over fire. After sometime he served a little of the fish with some rice he had to my dad and took some himself. My Dad said that was the best fish he ever had. I heard this story in the 1950’s and still I remember to do it once in a while in the oven or a very low burner. This was my first lesson on baked fish or slow cooked fish. Dried fishes from Asian markets can also be marinated in spices and cooked slow.